College Bridge

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Our mission is to increase college access and success for underrepresented students.

Collaborate – Learn – Inform

We believe in public education and fully support the work of teachers, counselors, and administrators. Recognizing that under-represented students enroll in and graduate from college at alarmingly low rates, our approach is to develop partnerships in order to create a seamless educational pipeline. The strategy we employ is to bridge the work of K-12 schools, higher education institutions, and community based organizations. We focus on helping students to become academically prepared for college while having the college knowledge necessary to apply to and pay for their college education.

Academic Preparation

College Bridge works collaboratively with our K-12 and college partners to create innovative academic programs designed to ensure that underrepresented students graduate from high school college-ready. Our flagship program with the CSU, SLAM continues to offer math dual-enrollment courses to students during the regular day co-taught by CSU professors and high school teachers at no cost to families. Our latest venture called, The Math Pipeline Readiness Project (M-PReP), builds on the successes of SLAM and adds a parallel solution with California Community Colleges as well as it expands the professional development to the high schools entire math departments. Ultimately, our goal is to increase high school SBAC math scores giving all pupils a variety of ways to demonstrate college math proficiency before they enter college.

For more information on College Bridge and/or Math Pipeline, please see this project's website